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Hausa Names


The best Hausa Names for both Male female and their meaning available on Hausa.Info Africa No. #1 Hausa Language Information Website.  The Names with the full meaning to help you when naming your child.

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Hausa Names

Hausa Female Names

  1. A’isha – means living, prosperous The name A’isha is also the name of Prophet Mohammed wife
  2. Aminah – means safe, secure, protected
  3. Asma’u – means loftier, more eminent
  4. Atikah – means clear, pure
  5. Fa’idah – means benefit, advantage
  6. Fa’iqah – means surpassing, excellent
  7. Fa’izah – means victorious
  8. Habibah – means beloved
  9. Halimah – means gentle, clement
  10. Hamidah – means appreciative
  11. Iman – means faith, belief
  12. Jamilah – means beautiful, elegant, graceful
  13. Kubra – means great, senior
  14. Latifah – means kind, gentle, refined
  15. Lubabah – means the innermost essence
  16. Kubra – means great, senior
  17. Latifah – means kind, gentle, refined
  18. Lubabah – means the innermost essence
  19. Mansurah – means supporter, victorious
  20. Maimuna – means fortunate, blessed
  21. Nabilah – means noble, magnanimous
  22. Nafisah – means precious, delicate, gem
  23. Na’imah – means enjoying the bounty of God
  24. Rabi’ah – means the fourth
  25. Rahmah – means kind, compassionate
  26. Rashidah – means rightly-guided
  27. Safiyah – means pure, serene
  28. Sakinah – means tranquility, peace of mind
  29. Salimah – means safe, sound, healthy
  30. Samirah – means jovial companion
  31. Shukriyah – means Thanksgiving, of thanks
  32. Sumayyah – means proper name
  33. Zahrah – means flower, blossom, splendor
  34. Zakiyyah – means pure, chaste
  35. Zaytun – means olive
  36. Zubaydah – means cream of the crop, radiant

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What are the names of Hausa?

Other Hausa Names

  • Auta is the last born.
  • Dana has a dark complexion.
  • Hassana is the female counterpart to Hassan.
  • Jatau: Light-skinned (you can hardly see a fair complexion Hausa man though)
  • Kande: A girl born following a slew of males.
  • Yelwa: Born at a period of abundance/wealth.
  • Ana Ruwa: A child who was born during the rainy season.
  • Tanko: A guy born following a slew of females.
  • Rayowa: this is life.
  • Tambara: A relaxed young lady
  • Yabani: I was given by God.
  • Zauna: It’s good to be alive.
  • Gambo: The child born before the twins
  • Hummai: Friday’s dauthet
  • Ladi: Sunday’s daughter
  • Abubakar m Western African, Hausa, Fula Nigerian form of Abu Bakr
  • Ahmadu m is a Western African, Hausa Hausa version of the name Ahmad.
  • Aishatu is a Western African version of Aisha, while Hausa Hausa is a Hausa variant of Aisha.
  • Alhaji is a Western African who speaks Hausa.
  • In Hausa, it means “the pilgrim,” a derivation of Arabic (hajj), which means “pilgrimage, hajj.” It is usually a
  • title rather than a name.

Hausa Names and Meaning

  • Alheri f Western African, Hausa
  • Western African, Hausa Alheri f Western African
  • Arabic, Bosnian, Tatar, Kazakh, Eastern African, Western African, Swahili, Hausa, Amina f
  • Alternative transcriptions for Arabic Aminah 1 and Aminah 2, as well as Bosnian, Tatar, Kazakh, and Hausa.
  • Bitrus m is a Western African version of Peter, while Hausa Hausa is a Hausa version of Peter.
  • Bukar is a Western African and Hausa word that means “short version of Abubakar.”
  • Faimatu is the Hausa Hausa version of Fatimah in Western Africa.
  • Western African Hadiza, Hausa Hausa version of Khadija.
  • Western African Hafsat, Hausa Hausa version of Hafsa
  • 2 m Haruna Harun is a West African, Hausa, Fula Hausa, and Fula language.
  • Western African Hauwa, Hausa Hausa version of Hawa.
  • Ibrahim is the Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Bosnian, Dhivehi, Albanian, Western African, Eastern African,
  • Hausa, and Swahili form of Abraham.
  • Jatau m Hausa, Western African Means “fair-colored, light” in Hausa.
  • Kyauta is a Western African word that means “gift” in Hausa.
  • Maryamu is a Western African version of Maryam, as well as a Hausa Hausa version of Maryam.
  • Muhammadu m Western African, Hausa, Fula
  • Hausa and Fula form of Muhammad.
  • Sadiq m Arabic, Urdu, Western African, Hausa
  • Means “loyal, true” in Arabic.
  • Yaƙubu m Western African, Hausa form of Yaqub.
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