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Hausa language textbooks



Hausa language textbooks

There are several Hausa language textbooks available for learners interested in studying the language. Some popular textbooks include:

Hausa language textbooks

  1. “Hausa: An Introductory Course” by Charles H. Kraft and Anthony J. Parel: This textbook is designed for beginning learners and provides a comprehensive introduction to the Hausa language. It includes grammar explanations, exercises, and quizzes to help learners practice their skills.
  2. “Teach Yourself Hausa” by Charles H. Kraft and Anthony J. Parel: This is a popular self-study book and audio course that is designed for individuals who want to learn Hausa on their own. It includes dialogues, exercises, and audio recordings to help learners practice their listening and speaking skills.
  3. “Hausa Language Learning” by Muhammad Awwalu Adam: This book is an introduction to Hausa language, it covers all aspects of the language including grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. It is designed for those who are new to the language and want to learn basic Hausa.
  4. “A Grammar of Hausa” by Philip J. Jaggar: This is a detailed reference grammar of the Hausa language, it provides a comprehensive overview of the grammar and structure of the language, and it is suitable for advanced learners and linguists.
  5. “Hausa-English English-Hausa Dictionary” by R. David Zorc and H. F. Mathews: This is a comprehensive dictionary of the Hausa language, which includes over 20,000 entries. It is an ideal reference tool for advanced learners and professionals working in fields such as business, education, and translation.

It is important to note that these textbooks may not be the latest edition and they may not be available in all countries. It is always a good idea to check for the latest edition or alternative resources. It is also worth to look for online resources and combined them with the textbook for a better learning experience.