Home Sports Harry Maguire always wears his United shirt with pride
Harry Maguire always wears his United shirt with pride

Harry Maguire always wears his United shirt with pride


­In this Harry Maguire always wears his United shirt with pride.

Harry Maguire always wears his United shirt with pride 1

Great defender. He is organized. Our defense has never been the same since he arrived.

Mean while It took the whole Manchester united 118 minutes to win against average 10 players.

To be honest I’m still not convinced with Maguire… Vastly overrated who’s prone to errors… Another phil jones in the making.

Firstly, I don’t blame this guy at all
Tho the price tag was too much
But his good and I love him I would love to have him in my Team any day anytime

But I see people complaining about him here.

Why won’t he play nonsense
I mean why won’t he flop.

I don’t think since McGuire has signed for manutd ole has rested him more than three times.

His he d only defender we have
He would play FA cup play carabao cup. He’ll play Europa Cup

I remember the FA cup we played that we won 6-0 he still played that small team.

What has he done to ole. Is it because of the price tag

Give the guy a break pls He deserve a rest.

And I’m guessing if he’s mistakenly injured that’s the end of our backline.

Secondly, Lets pray for chelsea today cos we need them in the semi-final or final so we can have an eazy passage.

as u know chelsea are our submissive wife and we will score them again if we are to meet again.
we had a bad game yesterday but it was due to the eight changes ole made and ole needed to make those changes so some players can have rest.

There are however, You so called fan/fans are always gotta complain about something. At least he tries his hardest for the badge and wears the shirt with pride.
If anyone can do better then why ain’t you playing in the prem? Answer; because you can’t and like too hear yourself moaning. Give up and get behind your team or glory hunt with someone else.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Great defender. That is the reason why only liverpool and leicester have conceded fewer goal than man united this season.

Moreover, Was brilliant again great win without playing that well we need to take that into Brighton on Tuesday and win that massive massive game.

On conclusion, He’s terrible.
His thinking, decisions, skill, pace and efficiency are mediocre and predictable at best.
Once again, we paid a lot more than a player is worth. £80mill for Maguire? You can’t really believe that he’s worth that. Not any better than Jones, Rojo, Lindelof. Then there’s Wan-Bissaka. Let me rather go…