Home Lifestyle Hard work hurts no one and does not kill anyone either
Hard work hurts no one and does not kill anyone either

Hard work hurts no one and does not kill anyone either


In life, we have come to the realization that reality is fundamentally beyond dreams. This is true, to build a character we need more than wishful thoughts. We need will power – we need to be hard working i.e. we mustn’t be lazy persons. As a result, we cannot therefore dodge the reality that a man’s character cannot be made for him. His own fate lies in his own hands and that we need to  make him aware that the only cure for laziness, in this country,  for example, is the concrete act of work.

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So, the importance of  character formation is responsible for an extraordinarily amount of muddled thinking and useless advise. It is, for instance, a nonsensical idea that men can be made decent, efficient, and good by sermons, lessons, and good resolutions; these would not. It is, therefore,  a very common error and most pastors are getting it wrong for keeping ‘believers’ in their chapels 24/7,  to assume that there is a mysterious influence in such things that operate mechanically in effecting a miraculous changes in peoples lifestyles whether they are wealthy or poor. No we can’t prosper by those influences. Indeed, ‘laziness and industry are both habits’ that we have to personally cultivate, as E R Thompson says.

If we were pure “thought machines, ”  such things would be all right. Unfortunately, we all find it easier to act than to think. Character is simply the connection we make between our mental states and our acts.  For me, people who pin their faith to sermons, morals precepts, and the like forget that the only way to have these connections is to manufacture them deliberately.

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That is why you cannot make liar tell the truth by preaching at him; in my opinion he must be made to form the habit of telling the truth. Thus, we can only become efficient by naturally behaving efficiently. All these are linked up with the question of self- control  and will-power. Ideally, the energy used in guiding and restraining conducts is more valuable than the  “{hustle}” for its own sake. Accordingly, there is no virtue in doing something merely because it is regarded by many people to be hard: an effort for its own sake is wasted energy. As I have always been saying (look before you leap) i.e.  ” thoughts before action” is a golden rule.

As I have clearly indicated above, the WILL is of supreme importance where character is concerned. And the importance of will-power cannot be exaggerated, at all, so bear it in mind that the will is the power-house of the “human machine”, hence  will-power is the great motivating force that lies behind every activity of the body or the mind. Factually, it has been given to a few of us to be of a truly heroic cast of mind, the type of mind that unassumingly combines iron will-power with sound reasoning. In this regard it is the consciousness of a strong well-disciplined will that enables even the man who is “down and out”  to rise again and battle with the world and win – coronavirus or not.

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