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Greater stability for Niger



Greater stability for Niger

The Federal Armed Forces are to participate in the military partnership mission EUMPM in Niger. The Federal Cabinet has granted a mandate until 31 May 2024 which still requires approval of the Bundestag. What is the goal of the mission? What will be the tasks of the German troops in Niger?

What has been decided?

The Federal Government agreed that Germany will deploy armed forces as part in the new military partnership mission EUMPM Niger. The mission is led by the European Union and its goal is to provide support for capacity development in the Nigerian armed forces.

The mandate is to be granted until 31 May 2024. Planning provides for up to 60 soldiers of the Federal Armed Forces to be deployed.

What is the goal of the Federal Government?

The goal of this involvement in the Sahel region is to further reduce instability and violence, working in close cooperation with the EU, the United Nations and international partners. In addition, the Federal Government aims to counteract a further intensification of the various crises in the Sahel region.

The security situation in the Sahel region has deteriorated further despite significant international support. Terrorist groups are active in large parts of Mali, Burkina Faso and parts of Niger. The skills of the Nigerian armed forces are to be improved to enable them to independently contain terrorist threats, protect the population and ensure a safe environment.

How is the mission helping the Nigerian armed forces in concrete terms?

EUMPM Niger will contribute to the development of the Nigerian armed forces. Planning provides for

  • Support for setting up a training centre for armed forces technical staff
  • Advice and specialist training for experts from the Nigerian armed forces using mobile teams
  • Support for setting up a new command support battalion

The German contribution includes involvement in the mission’s on-site leadership structures. Furthermore, mobile teams will be deployed for a limited period.

What is the legal basis for the deployment of troops?

Deployment of German armed forces in the context of EUMPM Niger is taking place in response to a request addressed at the EU by the government of the Republic of Niger and with its approval. In addition, it is based on resolutions of the EU Council dated 12 December 2022 and 20 February 2023.

In participating in EUMPM Niger, the Federal Armed Forces are acting according to the rules of a system of mutual collective security according to article 24 paragraph 2 of the Basic Law.

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