Home Sports Gradually we will pay him all his entitlement – Hon Isaac Asiamah
Gradually we will pay him all his entitlement – Hon Isaac Asiamah

Gradually we will pay him all his entitlement – Hon Isaac Asiamah


Some months ago Kwesi Appiah gave a compliance Publicly, that the Ghana Football Association has not Paid him, his salary of an amount of $185,000 for five months ,in the month between August to December 2019.He also revealed that, the last time he received his salary was July ,2019.

In an Interview on Star FM Kwesi Appiah said he had a feeling that GFA has no care in his situation. He said,

“It looks like they don’t care. This is money have worked for and they are not telling me anything which I feel it doesn’t show a sign of respect and I think my lawyer has to deal with it .so it is they will take it to court or FIFA”.

“The GFA hasn’t called me neither has the ministry”, he said .After the interview, Kwesi Appiah wrote a letter to GFA about his situation.

The Head Of communication of GFA, Henry Asante Twum told BBC stating that “GFA doesn’t pay the coach – it is the state that pays coach ” He continued

“The GFA is the employer of the head coach Of the national team but his salary is paid by the state. He Appiah wrote to GFA demanding his outstanding salaries and bonuses and we forwarded it to sports ministry”.

“It is the ministry that must pay him not GFA ”
Minister of youth and sports, Honourable Isaac Asiamah has made it known clearly to all Ghanaians that he will make sure Kwesi Appiah, Ex-Blackstar coach will be settled in full payment for his salaries and bonuses he has been waiting for, for he has been a good coach or head of the black star and also all Ghanaians. He trained the players well to be fit to win their matches.

The sports ministry led this out in a press briefing due to the restrictions on sports activities on account of the rapidly outbreak of the deadly disease,coronavirus.He said,

“Kwesi Appiah has done alot for Ghana. We respect him, we gave him the job and all the support. We owe him some arrears from his contract extension and we can not say we will not pay him. Gradually we will pay him all his entitlements”

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