Home News Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease
Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease

Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease


Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease. We are  presently going through tough times Ghana, but with the President of the Republic, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and the key frontline staff at the helm of affairs, there is some  lights blinking at the end of the tunnel. Indeed lives are at stake, but we shall hopefully overcome the frightening challenges of the disease as  united people.

First of all, let’s remind ourselves that self preservation is nature’s first law, so it is the first binding obligation of every individual Ghanaian to comply with the nation’s restriction orders, the lockdown rules and equally observe the rules of social distancing as well as make sure we regularly wash our hands.

In addition, I would  like to remind everyone of our society – leaders and followers alike – that the regulations were thoughtfully promulgated to help slow down the spread of the COVID -19 Pandemic i.e. to prevent it whatsoever, from spreading across the entire country.

We cannot ,therefore, choose to gloss over these rules nor ignore the instruction thereof and also flout the laws of times.  Such a conduct, may come with required legal ramifications and punitive consequences to deter both violators and other deviants.

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Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease

However, it needs come to the fore to every Ghanaian  that these rules and regulations are not, and I mean they not to exhibit the preserves of power or to vent anger and spleen on the citizenry.

Besides, I am writing this piece to explain to all and sundry, that leaders are not only constitutionally, mandated, to hold the population’s welfare and safety at heart, but they  are seemingly unprepared to watch thousands of citizens or nationals pass untimely away, due to the deadly disease – COVID-19.

It is, subsequently, the principal prerogatives of our Leaders to make sure that Ghanaians remain united in our fight against the unseen enemy of mankind.

Aside that Leaders are also expected to use their natural talents, maturity, and  their relevant leadership  competencies to educate the citizenry in difficult times, but one thing that I abhor, at the moment, is why some people are seriously drawing sketches in the sand with political party colorations, as if the disease can set boundaries nor is the respecter of party A or party B, or make a decision on skin complexions, group people according to ages, or genders of persons.

No it isn’t. It is attacking and killing everyone who contracts it. This is the frightening measure of its categorization rod why we need not

allow it to spread across the country, hence it has inevitably become multi tasking for every Ghanaian to join in the fight, but seriously play by the rules obediently in order to stay safe.

Clearly, the battle lines are drawn by this deadly disease, hence we can only stand prepared when we remain purposefully united in the fight against the pandemic, but if we are divided in this kind of a battle, we shall only definitely be courting doom and death.



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