Home News Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever
Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever

Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever


Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever myopic, in light of COVID-19 These present days are officially, no ordinary times. We are at war, at war with an unseen deadly enemy, Coronavirus or COVID-19. As a result, we are frightfully  living through very uncertain times, but there is a glimmer of hope for mankind.

Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever

We are these days truly living in uncertain times and we don’t even know where we will get vaccines from, to stop the spread of the virus.

Worst of it, we do not also know who will die next from the infection, making it clear, of course, to everyone on the planet, to note, that our survival lies in our own hands, hence we are dutifully tasking ourselves with every possible precautionary measures necessary to prevent us from the virus and similarly protect  ourselves, our loved ones from the claws of  this deadly enemy.

But in spite of this measures, I am scared, because of reported scenes I saw on Sky News while writing this article. Those pictures clearly explain that the catastrophe is not relenting any time soon.

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The frightening side of this outbreak is, as more people tested positive, and emergency treatments hurriedly commence on them to prevent their untimely death, the number of those who show signs and symptoms of the disease rockets through the roof, simultaneously as the earliest persons admitted to hospices dies.

Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever myopic, in light of COVID-19

We must all help to stop this unseen enemy from dominating and dictating our modes of behaving, simply because the scenes I saw in news reports from Europe  are not good and what is more alarming is some of this reports were  coming from some of Europe’s top medical facilities. It is, in deed,terrifying and horrible.

My question now is – are we domestically fully prepared for such staggering figures of committed doctors and nurses who are struggling daily to save lives or working tirelessly to help prevent the virus from spreading or dreadfully killing fellow compatriots. I am seriously scared. We must come out, as a people, and willing to do more to contain the spread COVID-19.

I hear some of our pastors are indiscriminately suggesting all sorts of viewpoints that can help  us curtail this coronavirus from spreading across the entire country.

That is a very welcome news to my ears as we reexamine our national preparedness to thwart the frightful impacts of the virus, personally and collectively, i.e. if it should spread at such an alarming rate as it is in other parts of the world, we are ready to battle it out and not meekly permit this unseen killer to kill our people.

The good news is  we are seemingly ready. As per the additional measures announced by the President, a few days ago, on his regular weekly updates on the situation, it seems we are really ready; we don’t  need to panic, although the attack by this unseen foe is apparently very belittling.

Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever myopic, in light of COVID-19

This is why I am tempted to restate my earlier call on governments of Ghana, to let us manufacture, grow, plant, and produce what we eat and wear domestically.

Historically, we used to manufacture a good deal of consumables domestically; we had ever produced combs, radios, and even matches right here in this our dear country.

We really in dependent. Today no, not at all. We are more delighted to import even  tooth picks from abroad. Don’t talk about poultry products.

It is sad, but it seems we’ve partly lost direction as if Ghanaians can only survive by leaning on others shoulders. In fact this uncertain occurrences are eye-openers, so let’s go back to the drawing boards to resuscitate our factories; in my view, when we come out of this pandemic we must do some  ideological rethinking, as a nation with a purpose.


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