Home News Ghana records 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19
Ghana records 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19

Ghana records 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19


Ghana records 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19.
17 are of Ghanaian nationality and 7 other nationals namely: Norway, Lebanon, China, France, UK.

“If the coronavirus pandemic happens here, we will be devastated; we will die like cattle,” says a Kashmiri doctor.

Today’s COVID-19 updates:

• Italy bans internal travel

• Canada says it will not participate in Olympics

• More cases of imported coronavirus found in China

My brother sent me a video on how to stay healthy during this global virus catastrophe. I replied – Thanks mate. There are more videos and instructions than there are deaths.

Let me give you a little bit of reality — In the last 3 months, 7 people have died in Australia from the “Chinese virus” while 9 people have died in car accidents, 3 people from fire-ant stings, and 3 from attacks from wild animals (crocodiles and sharks).

A friend of mine west of Hervey Bay was attacked by a wild pig but is ok with nothing more than a few non-life-threatening puncture wounds and scratches. – where’s the video??

Ghana records 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19

Here the death rate from this virus in 0.55% based on 7 deaths from over 1,300 reported infections, 6 in NSW, 1 in Vic and all over 70 years of age. We went shopping today. Took the ferry to the mainland.

15 minutes exposed to about 70 other people all sitting less than 1.5 metres from the next. We went to Coles, Aldi and the fruit shop, standing next to people during the entire 2 1/2 hour period.

Only 2 people had masks on (not us). Then we went to lunch but ALL the restaurants were closed; banned from opening until the gvt says it’s ok with a $100,000 fine if they disobey.

Mr. President after all the enhanced health and safety measures,
could you also announce stimulus package for all those who will feel the economic crunch of these measures? I am thinking mortgage and loan repayments, tax rebates and waivers, etc.

An Investigative Expert, Mr George Dosoo Doyen,
has cautioned the public not to accept nose masks from untrusted sources in this period of the COVID-19 pandemic since criminals can lace them with chloroform for evil purposes…

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