Home Sports Full-time: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea
Full-time: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea

Full-time: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea


Full-time: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea

The points are shared at Old Trafford.

Full-Time: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea

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let first start with the today’s comment inst 6min ore theme 2k moment already. From Downey, and he said; It was a difficult game otherwise great performance. It was not easy to deny the Reds from scoring at their comfort zone. Fantastic goalkeeping from Mendy and credit goes to Our Anchor Man Thiago Silva for organising our reargurd. Well done the blues.

“Well done Chelsea,they had a great game today,every single one of them were brilliant.We should have won with the penalty.We deserved to win.We were the better team by far💙💙”

Second from Roy’s “Guys trust me that a team can’t have a good game with a releaser like Jorgino while keeping kova on the bench , Lampard needs years to deserve a team like Chelsea ! Come on blues”.

Thank you Mendy! You did great. Now please, get the team out of Old Trafford, they might be called back for a Bruno penalty.

This one is from Michel Andy he said”Whoever still believes that Kepa is better than Mendy needs brain transplant Edouard Mendy is the best
His last save for Rashford was absolutely fantastic 👍
Peter Cech lite 😋.

Now let move to the street of Italy’s where we have from Steve, Nothing against Kepa but It is really clear what a difference goalkeeper can make. Coming with a defensive approach, we had a excellent result not conceding any goals so great work from the defensive players. More magic from front end of the players would be great given Man U’s defensive line also were excellent. Over all, an understandable draw.

Full-time: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea, Mendy and Silva saved us today. Pathetic tactics by Lampard yet again. I mean how much more side and back passing do we need. It’s seriously an issue.

Another topfan Erg Vicent”I’m sorry to say this… BUT WITH THIS LAMPARD’S TACTICS WE ARE GOING NOWHERE. What a boring game! No potential! All thanks for Mendy for grabbing a point for us. For Lamps as a manager he absolutely have to work on his tactics and management oriented if we must go further. My thoughts. Happy weekend to all our Blues family 💙💙💙.

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