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Floods at Ejura Municipal Assembly

Floods at Ejura Municipal Assembly


Today 18th of June 2020, there were heavy rains at Ejura Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti-Region around 4pm. Choked gutters and poor laid out of buildings lead to this floods. People built on waterways,refuse dump been thrown into the gutters lead the waters to divert their course and entered the houses of it’s resident. This has been the major headache of it’s affected resident who have been living with this problem for quite a long time.

One of such affected persons in the name of Mma Akokowa spoke to us:

“Whenever dark clouds gather,we live in fear of our lives,as these waters would enter our houses and damage valuables such as; television set,bed,gas stove, cooking utensils etc. If measures are not taking by those in authority to curb this problem,it can lead to lost of lives someday which we pray it shouldn’t happen”

Aminu a neighbor of Mma Akokowa remarks”Whenever it starts raining,we sometimes put on our raincoat and boots and help our neighbors to collect waters that has entered their houses to prevent flooding. We live with fear every passing moment of our lives when it starts raining, because it damages valuables and could someday lead to  lost of lives. We are calling on the Member of parliament Hon.Mohammed Braimah and the Municipal chief executive Hon.mohammed Salisu Bamba to act swiftly to solve this problem once and for all to live in peace and harmony”

The people of the municipal have been living with this problem for more than two decades now,we are therefore appealing to the government and those in authority to come to their aid.


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