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The youth and fashion

The youth and fashion


The youth and fashion unlike the older generations have been fashion arrested instead of being hardworking to meet their necessities.

Which has gone a long way to promote indiscipline among them and which tarnishes the image of the society and finally spells the doom of the society.

In the Ghanaian society for instance, the youths have always cherish fashion and they always love exotic styles of dressing.

And which forces them to always put on clothes such as; “am aware”, crazy.

And with the girls putting on very mini and miniature skets to attract the attention of “on-Lookers”, but the question behind these is that, does any religion makes room for this?

Another fact to think about is that,do they even work for that? The only thing they think about is dressing.

But they are not concerned about any legal way of obtaining the capital.

And this has always called for acts as armed robbery and prostitution both of which are frown on by society.

Love for fashion amongst the youth of today has brought us.

To a state where girls no longer feel shy selling themselves out for money in order for them to afford fashion.

In the case of the boys,they also show now mercy and could arm themselves to attack traders traveling to and from markets to robb them of their monies.

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Once again, both boys and girls now apply chemicals to their bodies which bleaches their bodies as a way to appear attractive. But have they taken into consideration the dangerous part of that?

We are the face of the society, but what have we done to accelerate the development of our societies?

God’s intervention is needed and so all religious leaders and those concerned have a role to play.

In order to bring us back from abnormality to normality, and I must say Lord heal the world!

You and I also have a role, so we should try to also do something by being the kind of people others will imitate good manners from.

Mohammad Kameel Adam Mohammad kameel Adam a writer and staff of Hausa.info



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