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EndSARS protests to the lack of empathy

EndSARS protests to the lack of empathy


Endsars Protests To The Lack Of EmpathyDear Friends,

A lot has happened in Nigeria that may have made us wary and feel hopeless as young people.


From the shooting and killings during the last EndSARS protests to the lack of empathy in the President’s speech, the curfews, uncertainties and every other thing that has made us question our existence, start researching how to move to Canada and studying all the channels and tunnels that can provide information on how to swim to Spain, I want us to remain focused.

What do I mean by focus?

I want us to strategize on next steps.
I want us to to keep the energy.
I want us to keep faith.

The choices we have are very clear.

As young people, we cannot continue to ignore our political spaces.

We cannot continue to call politics a ‘dirty’ game.

We cannot continue to give permission to the ‘worst’ of us to continue to lead the ‘best’ of us.

We cannot continue to let people buy our votes with a cup of rice, a loaf of bread, one milk cup of oil and 3 cubes of maggi.

We cannot continue to show voter apathy and think by some miracle, we will be shielded from bad policies.

Know this, every time we complain about the Government, their policies and huge taxes, the blame lies squarely at our feet as young people.

Do you know we make up more than 60% of the population in this country and no one can win an election without us?

Do you know that with as low as 9,000 votes you can win a House of Assembly election in a place like Lagos?

I checked up the person representing me at the Lagos state House of Assembly who I saw last on posters during elections and found out he won by less than 9,000 votes!

My charge to us is simple.

Get more involved in politics. Show interest.
Start building your alliances today. 2023 may seem far away but it’s not as far as it seems.

Every election, while our individual names may not be on the ballot; Good governance is always on the ballot; Quality leadership is always on the ballot; Excellent policies is always on the ballot.

There’s no reason why your name cannot on the ballot.

Here’s my question to you today, are you ready to run?



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