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Egyptian pharaoh (king) fir ‘ auna

Egyptian pharaoh (king) fir ‘ auna


Miraculous conservation of pharaoh’s corpse. This is the corpse of pharohoah, Egyptian pharaoh (king) fir ‘ auna. Her age is about 3000 The body of the pharoah was discovered in 1898 in the Red Sea at the place called Jababian.

Egyptian pharaoh (king) fir ' auna

This body is now on display in the royal mummies chamber of the Egyptian museum in Cairo.

This corpse is surprisingly preserved without any mummification; no internal organ was removed. Photographs of mummies in Egypt, even Egyptian mummies with so many early mummification, are not well preserved like Fia ‘ aun’s body.

Phoroah’s body has been in the sea for over 3000 years. The fish in the sea could have easily eaten the flesh, but they didn’t. WHAT IS THE SECRET OF THIS GOOD PRESENTATION? The answer is found in the following verse of the Holy Quran where Allah says: ′′ Today we will preserve (save) your body so that you can be a sign to the people who follow you ′′ (Al-Quran, 10:92).

QU ‘ DID HE DI?? Why is his body preserved by Allah? HISTORY OF THE PHARAON. Firaun was the famous and very cruel king of Egypt.

He declared that he was Allah. He tortured the people, dehumanized anyone who did not worship him.

God sent the prophet Musa (Moses) (Messenger of Allah) to save the people from oppression and cruelty and to warn people to turn to the true path (The True God).

Fir ‘ aun and his people thought prophet Musa’s purpose (A. S) was to seize power by changing Egypt’s traditional religion. Firaun benefited greatly from Egyptian traditional religion, if this religion should change, Firaun would lose all his power and Firaun denied the existence of the Almighty God.

Allah sent various calamities to these people, but he did not turn to Allah and he always said he was God. So Allah made him drown in the Red Sea and Allah preserved his body for 3000 years without the process of mummification.

Isn’t this a miracle?? Research and compilation by Usman Gomna Muhammad.
We don’t joke to the power of Allah, God willing, he can finish the world in a single second

God is the greatest

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