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Ecowas_Cedeao peace mission to Mali

Ecowas_Cedeao peace mission to Mali


Since I arrived Bamako Wednesday evening with my delegation to begin my assignment as leader of Ecowas_Cedeao peace mission to Mali, I have been meeting with various interest groups including political, religious and civil society leaders. I am optimistic that our mission will yield positive results as our message of hope, peace and progress has so far been well received by different stakeholders.

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Firstly, God have crown you an ambassador of peace any where you step your feet for peace assignment that same God will grant you Victory. You are God blessing to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Secondly, I pray that the peace mission be very fruitful and that we continue to experience peace and billateral advancement.. God bless ECOWAS_CEDEAO.

howeve, The spirit of peace in u shall be permanent in Jesus name. The African continent shall have peace through u. God in his mercy shall restor peace to Nigeria through u bcos u made sacrifces for peace. I wish u well nd congratulations once more.

Thridly and most importantly, In as much as we criticized you a lot, you are still the best leader that has the interest of his people at heart. May God continue to bless and order your steps for Life. Thanks for your positive impacts in our nation, Nigeria.

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