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Hamisu Breaker SO GASKIA NE MP3 Download



Hamisu Breaker - SO GASKIA NE (alkhairi album) 2021
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Hamisu Breaker SO GASKIA NE MP3 Download

If you're a fan of soulful Nigerian music, you're in for a treat. Hamisu Breaker's "SO GASKIA NE" is a captivating song that's part of his 2021 album, Alkhairi. In this article, we'll delve into the magic of this track, explore its romantic essence, and provide you with easy ways to listen to it in both audio and video formats.


"SO GASKIA NE" translates to "It's true" in Hausa, a language spoken not only in Nigeria but also in other parts of Africa. The title itself hints at the sincerity and authenticity of this song, setting the stage for a heartfelt listening experience.

A Romantic Serenade

At its core, a romantic serenade. Hamisu Breaker's heartfelt lyrics express deep love and devotion to his partner, whom he lovingly refers to as his flower. The song's lyrics and melody combine to create a soothing and enchanting atmosphere that beautifully showcases the singer's vocal prowess and emotional depth.

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The Alkhairi Album

Released in July 2021 under the Amjad Records label, Hamisu Breaker's Alkhairi album is a musical journey that fans have embraced with open arms. With "SO GASKIA NE" as one of its highlights, the album is a testament to the artist's talent and creativity.

A Musical Masterpiece

The song's melody is a masterpiece in itself. It features a gentle rhythm that perfectly complements Hamisu Breaker's soulful voice. From the first note to the last, captures the listener's attention and emotions, making it easy to see why it has earned the praise of both fans and critics.

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Exploring "SO GASKIA NE"

For those eager to explore "SO GASKIA NE" further, you're in luck. The song has gained over 185 Shazams, a clear indication of its popularity. To listen to it, you can head over to Audiomack, where you'll find the track waiting to serenade you.

Where to Listen

  1. Listen to "SO GASKIA NE" on Audiomack

But that's not all. If you prefer a visual element to complement the music, the official music video for "SO GASKIA NE" is also available on YouTube. It's a visual journey that adds another layer of depth to this beautiful song.

Where to Watch

  1. Watch the official video for "SO GASKIA NE" on YouTube

In conclusion, "SO GASKIA NE" by Hamisu Breaker is a romantic masterpiece that showcases the artist's talent and the depth of his emotions. Whether you choose to listen to it on Audiomack or watch the video on YouTube, you're in for a musical experience that will touch your heart. So, sit back, relax, and let the enchanting melodies.

Enjoy this soulful Nigerian gem and let its beauty resonate with you. It's true – "SO GASKIA NE" is a song that deserves a special place in your playlist.

What other songs are in the Alkhairi album?

The Alkhairi album by Hamisu Breaker has 15 songs in total. According to the web search results, the tracklist is as follows:

  • Manyan Mata
  • Assalamu alaiki
  • Habibty
  • Soyayya
  • Ki bani dama
  • Na fara soyayya
  • Muradin zuciya
  • Gimbiya
  • So gaskia ne
  • Sirrina
  • Kada ki bari
  • Dani dake
  • Sarauniya ta boye
  • Jinin jikina
  • Dan dako

I hope you enjoy the songs! 😊

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