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Did sentences in Hausa



Did sentences in Hausa

Did sentences in Hausa and English. Welcome to, your premier destination for exploring the beauty of language through sentences in both Hausa and English. Our platform is dedicated to bridging cultures and enhancing linguistic understanding.

Did sentences in Hausa
Did sentences in Hausa 82

Did sentences in Hausa and English

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a learner, or simply curious about the rich world of Hausa and English, we’ve got you covered. Discover a treasure trove of sentences, expressions, and insights that will expand your horizons and foster a deeper connection to these vibrant languages. Join us in this journey of linguistic exploration, where words become bridges to new worlds!


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Did he propose to you?
ya kawo miki shawara?

Did he say anything about it to you?
yace miki wani abu akai?

Did he say anything about it?
ya ce komai akai?

Did he tell you what to do?
yace miki me zakiyi?

Did I hurt his feelings?
na cutar da shi?

Did she go to see John?
ta je ganin john?

Did you call him up yesterday?
ka kira shi jiya?

Did you do this on your own?
ka yi wannan da kanka?

Did you do your homework?
kin yi aikin gida?

Did you drive her home last night?
Da daddare ka kaita gida?

Did you fight?
kayi fada?

Did you finish the job?
kun gama aikin?

Did you get my point?
kin gane maganata?

Did you have a fight with john?
kun yi fada da john?

Did you have a good sleep?
kun yi barci mai kyau?

Did you have a nice summer?
kun yi bazara mai kyau?

Did you invite him?
ka gayyace shi?

Did you like the movie?
kuna son fim ɗin?

Did you live here?
ka zauna a nan?

Did you make it by yourself?
ka yi da kanka?

Did you miss me?
kin yi kewar ni?

Did you see anybody there?
ka ga kowa a wurin?

Did you speak at all?
ka yi magana ko kadan?

Did you study by yourself?
kayi karatu da kanka?

Did you take a bath?
kun yi wanka?

Did you watch the game?
kun kalli wasan?
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