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Days in Chinese to Hausa



Days in Chinese

Days in Chinese and Hausa. Welcome to, your gateway to exploring the rich and diverse cultures and languages of the world. In this section, we delve into the fascinating realm of time and language, comparing ‘Days’ in two distinct cultures: Chinese and Hausa.

Days in Chinese
Days in Chinese to Hausa 21

Days in Chinese and Hausa

Discover how these two languages encapsulate the essence of daily life, from dawn to dusk, and dive into the beauty of linguistic diversity.

Join us on a journey to better understand the world through its languages and traditions, right here on”

Hausa to Chinese

Litinin星期一 Xingqi yi
Talata星期二 Xingqier
Laraba星期三 Xingqisan
Alhamis星期四 Xingqisi
Juma’a星期五 Xingqiwu
Asabar星期六 Xingqiliu
Lahadi星期日 Xingqiri