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Day in Kannada to Hausa



Day in Kannada

Day in Kannada and Hausa. Welcome to, your gateway to the rich tapestry of world languages and cultures. In this fascinating linguistic journey, we delve into the concept of ‘Day’ as it is expressed in both Kannada and Hausa.

Day in Kannada
Day in Kannada to Hausa 21

Day in Kannada and Hausa

These languages, rooted in diverse cultures and regions, offer unique insights into how individuals mark the passing of time and appreciate the beauty of each day.

Join us as we unravel the linguistic and cultural nuances that shape our understanding of this universal concept.

Hausa to Kannada

Litininಸೋಮವಾರ Somavara
Talataಮಂಗಳವಾರ Mangalavara
Larabaಬುಧವಾರ Budhavara
Alhamisಗುರುವಾರ Guruvara
Juma’aಶುಕ್ರವಾರ sukravara
Asabarಶನಿವಾರ sanivara
Lahadiಭಾನುವಾರ Bhanuvara