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Day in Hindi to Hausa



Day in Hindi

Discover ‘Day’ in Hindi and Hausa: On, we explore the fascinating linguistic diversity of the world. In Hindi, ‘day’ is known as ‘दिन’ (din), while in Hausa, it’s referred to as ‘rana.’

Day in Hindi
Day in Hindi to Hausa 21

Day in Hindi and Hausa

Join us as we delve into the cultural and linguistic nuances that make each language unique.

Shedding light on the ways people across the globe mark the passage of time.

Hausa to Hindi

Litininसोमवार somavaar
Talataमंगलवार mangalavaar
Larabaबुधवार budhavaar
Alhamisगुरूवार guroovaar
Juma’aशुक्रवार shukravaar
Asabarशनिवार shanivaar
Lahadiरविवार ravivaar