National Theatre of Ghana

The cultural sector in Ghana is extremely rich. It is to propel this culture into the 21st century that the National Theatre of Ghana was Commissioned by the Government of Ghana and built by the Chinese in 1992. The Theatre is governed by the National Theatre law 1991, PNDC Law 259. Among others, the law […]


Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy

It was a Saturday morning. Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy. So, she thought she would surprise him with a little present. “Shaddy will love this,” thought Akua. Akua skipped over to Shaddy’s house. She rang the bell. No one answered. “Shaddy!!” Akua called. There was still no answer. “That’s funny,” “thought Akua. I wonder where […]


      Shatta Wale – BorJor mp3

      Lyrics Adey wonder what go happen If you say you no dey love me ‘Cos only you dey make me happy Good morning my baby How you dey oh, baby? Breakfast in bed oh for you oh my love As I see baby miracles Ɔse ɔdɔ hamiyo I wonder if you dey feel the way […]