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Counting Of Numbers in Hausa



Counting Of Numbers in Hausa

Counting is a fundamental skill that transcends languages and cultures. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of numbers in Hausa, a language spoken by millions in Nigeria and neighboring countries. Whether you’re traveling, learning a new language, or simply curious, understanding how to count in Hausa can be an enriching experience.

Numbers in Hausa Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Here’s a rundown of numbers from one to ten in Hausa:

 Zero Sifili
 One Daya
 Two Biyu
 Three Uku
 Four Hudu
 Five Biyar
 Six Shidda
 Seven Bakwai
 Eight Takwas
 Nine Tara
 Ten Goma
 Eleven Goma Sha Daya
 Twelve Goma Sha Biyu
 Thirteen Goma Sha Uku
 Fourteen Goma Sha Hudu
 Fifteen Goma Sha Biyar
 Sixteen Goma Sha Shidda
 Seventeen Goma Sha Bakwai
 Eighteen Goma Sha Takwas
 Nineteen Goma Sha Tara
 Tweenty Ashirin
 21 Ashirin da Daya
 22 Ashirin da Biyu
 23 Ashirin da Uku
 24 Ashirin da Hudu
 25 Ashirin da Biyar
 26 Ashirin da Shidda
 27 Ashirin da Bakwai
 28 Ashirin da Takwas
 29 Ashirin da Tara
 30 Talatin
 31 Talatin da Daya
 32 Talatin da Biyu
 33 Talatin da Uku
 34 Talatin da Hudu
 35 Talatin da Biyar
 36 Talatin da Shidda
 37 Talatin da Bakwai
 38 Talatin da Takwas
 39 Talatin da Tara
 40 Arbain
 41 Arbain da Daya
 42 Arbain da Biyu
 43 Arbain da Uku
 44 Arbain da Hudu
 45 Arbain da Biyar
 46 Arbain da Shidda
 47 Arbain da Bakwai
 48 Arbain da Takwas
 49 Arbain da Tara
 50 Hamsin
 51 Hamsin da Daya
 60 Sittin
 70 Sabain
 80 Tamanin
 90 Tasani
 100 Dari
 200 Dari Biyu
 300 Dari Uku
 400 Dari Hudu
 500 Dari Biyar
 600 Dari Shidda
 700 Dari Bakwai
 800 Dari Takwas
 900 Dari Tara
 1000 Dubu
 1001 Dubu daya da daya

Beyond Ten

Once you’ve mastered the numbers from one to ten, you can easily continue counting by combining these words. For instance, to say “eleven,” you’d say “Goma da daya,” which translates to “Ten and one.” This pattern continues as you count higher.

Counting in Daily Life

Numbers are integral to everyday life. Whether you’re shopping, telling time, or discussing quantities, knowing how to count in Hausa can be incredibly useful. Imagine bargaining in a market or understanding the time when you hear it spoken in the streets of Nigeria. This knowledge adds a layer of connection and understanding.

Resources for Learning

Learning a new skill is always easier with the right resources. For those interested in exploring counting in Hausa further, there are various online platforms that can help. One valuable resource is the BBC Hausa website (, offering a plethora of language-related content, including numbers and their applications in real life.

Hausa Wikipedia

Another platform worth exploring is the Hausa Wikipedia ( This resource provides comprehensive information about the language, including numerical systems and cultural context. It’s an excellent starting point for anyone keen on diving deeper into the Hausa language.

Video Tutorials

For those who prefer visual and auditory learning, YouTube offers a wealth of video tutorials. One noteworthy channel is “Learn Hausa with Fatimah” ( Fatimah’s videos cover various aspects of the language, including counting, pronunciation, and practical usage.

Practical Application: Downloadable Resources

To enhance your learning experience, consider utilizing downloadable resources. The website ( offers downloadable MP3 audio files, worksheets, and guides. These resources can be incredibly handy for practicing your pronunciation and honing your counting skills.

Counting in Cultural Context

Language is deeply intertwined with culture, and learning how to count in Hausa provides insights into the traditions and way of life of the people who speak it. By understanding numbers, you gain a glimpse into how the Hausa people quantify and perceive the world around them.

Counting Music and Entertainment

Numbers are also relevant in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a fan of Nigerian music or curious about the local music scene, knowing how to count in Hausa can enhance your appreciation. You can count the beats in a song, understand album titles, and even appreciate the numerical references in lyrics.

Connecting Through Numbers

In conclusion, learning to count in Hausa opens up a world of connections and understanding. It bridges language barriers, helps you navigate daily life, and deepens your appreciation for Nigerian culture. So, whether you’re planning a trip to Nigeria, interested in languages, or simply seeking a new skill, exploring the numbers in Hausa is a rewarding endeavor in 2023.

Remember, numbers are more than symbols—they’re windows into culture, communication, and community. Take the time to explore the beauty and significance of counting in Hausa, and you’ll find yourself enriched by the experience.

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