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Coronavirus and Religion pandemic its Effects

Coronavirus and Religion pandemic its Effects


The pandemic has also been nicknamed convid-19, The virus has been very dangerous that, it has been able to affect our Religious Practices.

A lot of things have been happening since this pandemic started, in Ghana for instance gathering of people at public places have been banned and this has totally affected the Islamic and other religious groups.

Mostly mosques gathering in prayer as well as many other mass gathering. They regular hand shake after prayers practice that have been there for since long ago have also been stopped.

This has therefore affected the Friday prayers since it is done by gathering.

The National Chief Imam of Ghana, Shiehk Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has also announce the break of Friday prayer for the next four weeks staring this week 20th March, 2020. This has totally affected the religion  Friday mass prayer.

Prayer done in congregation or gathering is always considered as very profitable and good.

Christians has also avoided the act of gathering together in Churches for four weeks, since gathering is one of the things that must be avoided.

Therefore Islamic and Christians is Ghana has been effected seriously in Ghana. All ready several cases has been admitted and the people of Ghana are in a state of panic schools also been closed since teaching is also done by gathering.

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This has also caused a lost to people that sell in schools individually.

This is the time for us to pray very hard, because just look at this Coronavirus and Religion pandemic, it’s very dangerous, killing people seriously and if care is not taken it’s going to affect everything that we do.

All is the only solution to this wicked pandemic, we need to all stay clean from major and minor dirt’s and also we should know that with ALLAH everything is possible.

This is the time that we have to worship ALLAH deeply and seriously so as he may have mercy on us and pardon us any sin that we have committed.

ALLAH is also the only source for protection, therefore we should remember HIM without allowing anything to hinder us from worshiping him.

Even though we can’t visit the Mosques or the Church, we can till pray hard in our homes.

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