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Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme

Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme


Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme I’ve said it time and again, in my previous articles on HausaTV, that the systems of providing financial security for the old are under increasing strains throughout the world, and that the immediate past few years brought regular warnings for us about grave problems lying threateningly around the corner, particularly, in respect of the future quality of lives of pensioners and the adequacy of their monthly allowances or incomes.

Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme

Indeed, according to research findings, the heard of the problem lies, in the fact,  that the traditional means of income support for the old is steadily weakening, meanwhile the formal systems of support for the old, including government-backed pensions have proven highly unstable and insufficient.

In Ghana, the five major forms of retirement income had structurally been identical. The most obvious of them are the state pension scheme, otherwise known as CAP 30, SSNIT Pension and other private sector schemes. Prior to the promulgation of Act 766, the later schemes are either personal or company pensions, mostly, funded through occupational plans or schemes. Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme

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Subsequently, section 2.2.1 of my research report contains an analysis of all these sources of retirement incomes, these days.

Evidence from this study confirms that public schemes are vulnerable to successive government’s economic miscalculations and failures, in addition, to previous governments’ over bloated¬† expenditure bases. Yes, we have to do something forcibly and strategically.

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