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Coach Odoom replied Bernard Arthur statement

Coach Odoom replied Bernard Arthur statement


Humanity responds to every actions played against them. For what Bernard Arthur said last time ago, coach Edward Odoom ,the phobians coach replied him clearly. Bernard Arthur 23 years player who has scored only once since he joined the phobians. He has only been seen less in number of matches played in the Ghana premiere league match week four(4) 2019/2020 .

During Kim Grant coaching reign, Arthur left Liberty and joined the phobians, He has not enjoy himself since he joined them. Bernard Arthur said “Coach Nii Odoom has not been fair to me”.”He does not have balls and that is the truth. “I have worked with top coaches like Sam Adday, Ck Akonnor and expatiate coaches. If you don’t want a player, be bold and tell him I don’t like you and it can be in a form of a text message but you don’t make a mockery of the players whiles he wants to play”.

“I am a registered Player but I don’t get playing time meanwhile, unregistered players are playing but during league matches, the coach will call you and introduce you to the game the dying minute of the game” .”I am not happy with the treatment at the club ” .speaking with Asempa FM and also blamed the Tema youth coach for making him also sit on bench.

He continued “People think I am not in a good form but I have not been able to train properly since I joined Hearts of Oak and it has infected me. I made a huge impression against Liberty Professional and Great Olympics and I was expecting to maintain my place in the team but he dropped to bench against Kotoko”

Coach Odoom replied him On Agro ne fom at Adom TV that he has never treated any player unfairly. He says that as for him he gives the players equal opportunity to exhibit what they have.He also dismissed allegations that he even features unregistered players in matches.

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