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    Cinema vocabulary in Hausa to English



    Cinema vocabulary in Hausa

    Cinema vocabulary in Hausa to English. Welcome to, your gateway to exploring the world of cinema in the Hausa language. In this section, we delve into the rich and vibrant vocabulary associated with the art of filmmaking and movie appreciation.

    Cinema vocabulary in Hausa and English

    Whether you’re a passionate filmmaker, a movie buff, or simply curious about the language of cinema, you’ll find a treasure trove of Hausa terminology and expressions related to the silver screen.


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    Ban dariya


    From “director” to “screenplay,” “action” to “award-winning,” we’ve got you covered with the essential vocabulary to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the cinematic world.

    Join us as we explore the fascinating universe of cinema, all in the beauty of the Hausa language. Kar ka damu, ganin al’adun zamantakewa a cikin Hausa!

    cinema centercibiyar cinema
    phoenix cinemaphoenix cinema
    sag harbor cinemacinema sag harbor
    circle cinemada’irar cinema
    micon cinemasmicon cinemas
    feather river cinemascinemas kogin gashin tsuntsu
    lake theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo tafkin
    southgate cinemacinema southgate
    pelican cinemasfina-finan pelican
    shenango valley cinemasshenago valley cinemas
    grand cinemasmanyan gidajen sinima
    6 movies6 fina-finai
    concourse plaza multiplex cinemasconcourse plaza multiplex cinemas
    sun valley moviessun valley movies
    loft cinemagidan cinema
    indian movies near mefina-finan indiya kusa da ni
    picture housegidan hoto
    movies in theaters now 2021fina-finai a cikin sinimomi yanzu 2021
    andover cinemada cinema
    epic movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na almara
    movie theaters open near megidajen sinima sun bude kusa da ni
    hindi movies near mefinafinan hindi kusa da ni
    century square cinemakarni square cinema
    events cinemaabubuwan cinema
    upcoming moviefim mai zuwa
    new movies in theaters 2022sabbin fina-finai a gidajen kallo 2022
    horror movies in theatersfina-finai masu ban tsoro a cikin gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    new movie releasesabon sakin fim
    movies in theaters now 2022fina-finai a cikin sinimomi yanzu 2022
    liberty theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na ‘yanci
    cannery moviesfina-finan gwangwani
    scary movies in theatersfina-finai masu ban tsoro a cikin sinimomi
    movie newsabon fim
    ipic movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim
    marley station moviesmarley station movies
    star cinematauraron fim
    new movie releases this weeksabon fim da aka fitar a wannan makon
    cine cerca de micine cerca de mi
    latest movies in theaterssabbin fina-finai a gidajen kallo
    movies coming soonfina-finai na nan tafe
    top movies in theaters nowmanyan fina-finai a gidajen kallo yanzu
    movies this weekendfina-finan wannan karshen mako
    show me latest moviesnuna min sabbin fina-finai
    odeon discount codeodeon rangwame code
    showtimes theatersgidajen wasan kwaikwayo
    new movies in theaters nowsabbin fina-finai a gidajen kallo yanzu
    movies releasing this weekfina-finai masu fitowa a wannan makon
    new movies in theaterssabbin fina-finai a gidajen kallo
    film ca cinemasfilm ca cinemas
    movies playing in theatersfina-finan da ake yi a gidajen kallo
    scream showtimeslokutan nunin kururuwa
    movies playing todayfina-finan da ake yi a yau
    movie releasesfitowar fim
    movie theater with reclinersgidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim tare da recliners
    best movie theater near memafi kyawun gidan wasan kwaikwayo kusa da ni
    cinema clockagogon sinima
    latest movie releaseslatest movie releases
    varsity theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo varsity
    outdoor cinema near mecinema na waje kusa da ni
    multiplex near memultiplex kusa da ni
    movies in theaters nowfina-finai a gidajen kallo yanzu
    current movies in theatersfina-finan na yanzu a gidajen kallo
    highland cinemacinema highland
    multiplex cinemaMultiplex cinema
    film cafim ca
    nearest movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo mafi kusa
    4d movie theater near me4d gidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim kusa da ni
    4dx movie theater near me4dx gidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim kusa da ni
    4dx theater near me4dx gidan wasan kwaikwayo kusa da ni
    4dx cinema near me4dx cinema kusa da ni
    movies in theaters right nowfina-finai a gidajen kallo a yanzu
    pruneyard cinemascinemas na pruneyard
    movies playing right nowfina-finai da ake kunnawa a yanzu
    big cinemasmanyan gidajen sinima
    cheap movie theater near megidan wasan kwaikwayo mai arha kusa da ni
    movies playing nowfina-finai suna wasa yanzu
    kid movies in theaters nowyara fina-finan a sinimomi yanzu
    movies showing near mefina-finai da ke nunawa kusa da ni
    movie showtimes todaylokutan nunin fim a yau
    movies in theatersfina-finai a gidajen wasan kwaikwayo
    movies todayfina-finai a yau
    movie ticket pricesfarashin tikitin fim
    theaters near megidajen wasan kwaikwayo kusa da ni
    theaters near me showtimesgidajen wasan kwaikwayo kusa da ni lokutan nuni
    gold class cinemacinema aji na zinariya
    in theatersa gidajen wasan kwaikwayo
    movies playing tonightfina-finan da ake yi a daren yau
    cinema westcinema yamma
    knox cinemacinema knox
    4d movie theater4d gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    sutton cinemacinema sutton
    amc stubsamc tsit
    outdoor movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim na waje
    movies showingnuna fina-finai
    book movie ticketslittafin tikitin fim
    movie listingsjerin fina-finai
    cineworld unlimitedcineworld Unlimited
    odeon limitlessodeon mara iyaka
    outdoor cinemacinema na waje
    odeon cinema near mecinema odeon kusa da ni
    odeon near meodeon kusa da ni
    madison theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo madison
    la cinemada cinema
    studio one theaterstudio daya wasan kwaikwayo
    movie ticketstikitin fim
    capitol theatregidan wasan kwaikwayo
    124 movies124 fina-finai
    dolby cinemadolby cinema
    ridge cinemacinema ridge
    rivoli cinemacinema rivoli
    movies playingwasan fina-finai
    central cinemacinema na tsakiya
    movies nowfina-finai yanzu
    valley cinemacinema kwarin
    fountain gate cinemacinema kofar ruwa
    hollywood theatregidan wasan kwaikwayo na Hollywood
    movie house cinemacinema gidan fim
    plaza theatrefilin wasan kwaikwayo plaza
    cinema ticketstikitin sinima
    gold class menumenu na zinariya
    movie palacegidan fim
    waterloo cinemacinema na ruwa
    movie theaters near megidajen sinima kusa da ni
    movie timeslokutan fim
    cineplex ticket pricesfarashin tikitin cineplex
    garden cinemagidan cinema
    cambridge movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na cambridge
    light cinemahaske cinema
    century rio 24karni na 24
    movies showing nowfina-finan da suke nunawa a yanzu
    b and b theatersb da b gidajen wasan kwaikwayo
    bb theatersbb gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    max cinemamax cinema
    kids movies in theatersfina-finan yara a gidajen kallo
    cinema theatre near megidan wasan kwaikwayo na cinema kusa da ni
    new movies in cinemasabbin fina-finai a silima
    lowry cinemalowry cinema
    movies near mefina-finai kusa da ni
    movie times near melokutan fim kusa da ni
    films showing near mefina-finan da ke nunawa kusa da ni
    baxter avenue theatresgidan wasan kwaikwayo baxter Avenue
    printworks cinemaprintworks cinema
    cinema near mecinema kusa da ni
    capital cinemasmanyan gidajen sinima
    inwood theaterinwood gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    lakeside cinemacinema lakeside
    meadowhall cinemacinema meadowhall
    4dx movie theater4dx gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    nantgarw cinemacinema nantgarw
    bangor cinemafim din bangor
    greenwich cinemacinema greenwich
    movies nearbyfina-finai a kusa
    imax theater near meimax gidan wasan kwaikwayo kusa da ni
    creekside cinemacreekside cinema
    imax cinema near meimax cinema kusa da ni
    star city cinemastar city cinema
    sunshine cinemasunshine cinema
    omni cinemacinema duk
    edinburgh cinemacinema na edinburgh
    sterling cinemasilima mai kyau
    cinema dayranar cinema
    the grove movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na grove
    imax moviesimax movies
    clackamas town center moviesclackamas town center movies
    now showingyanzu nunawa
    majestic theatersmanyan gidajen wasan kwaikwayo
    acx cinemacinema acx
    broadway cinemababban silima
    4d cinema4d cinema
    the alamo drafthousealamo drafthouse
    movies 6fim 6
    fun cinemascinemas fun
    york cinemasyork cinemas
    cinema moviesfina-finan cinema
    4dx movies4dx fim
    beacon cinemasgidajen sinima
    evans cinemaevans cinema
    bridgeport theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na bridgeport
    mountain cinemasgidajen sinima na dutse
    cinema carouselcinema carousel
    kerasotes showplace 14kerasotes showplace 14
    4dx cinema4dx cinema
    the gate cinemacinema gate
    fandango moviesfandango movies
    movies 14fina-finai 14
    phoenix theaterwasan kwaikwayo na Phoenix
    alamo movie theateralamo gidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim
    galaxy theatergalaxy gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    imax movie theaterimax gidan wasan kwaikwayo
    rave movie theatergidan wasan kwaikwayo na fim
    national cinema dayranar cinema ta kasa
    rave cinemacinema mai ban tsoro
    luxury cinemacinema alatu
    the cinemacinema
    cinema theatregidan wasan kwaikwayo na cinema
    paradise cinemaaljanna cinema
    movies in cinemas nowfina-finai a cinemas yanzu
    cinema timeslokutan cinema
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