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Church Leaders Flex their Business Muscles

Church Leaders Flex their Business Muscles


Church Leaders Flex their Business Muscles, Religion and business often seem worlds apart, each operating under a separate set of principles that have little to do with the interests of the other.

As Churches become more global in scope and global networks, underscores their world-spanning effects, the results of their radical disintegration are approaching a critical pass.

Yet where are the critics to explore and contextualize, this changing relationships between business and religious associations and the human societies that both tend to shape or depend upon for survival and sustenance.

In, as much as, we might believe that 21st century role models, will emerge from amongst executives of high promises at leading companies in Ghana, Britain, and the US, the odds are they would not.

We might just well find them among rapidly growing Religious “Companies” and Churches in developing countries. We are no longer  inspired b by holding up to the most accomplished leaders of the last century.

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Ahmadu Bello Sardauna of Sokoto was born in the town of Rabah c. In 1909, the father of Mallam Ibrahim Bello. His father had the title of Sarkin Rabah. He is a descendant of Uthman dan Fodio, a great grandson of Sultan Muhammad Bello and a grandson of Sultan Atiku na Raba.

He attended the provincial school in Sokoto and the Katsina Training School. He was known as Ahmadu Rabah in his school days. He finished school in 1931 and then became an English teacher at Sokoto Middle School.

At the time of his death, Bello had three wives. Hafsat, his senior wife, died beside him. He had three surviving daughters with another girlfriend, Amina (Goggon Kano). His oldest daughter was Inno, followed by Aisha and Lubabatu.

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