Home Celebrity Abdullahi Bashir haske Ganye Chiefdom Adamawa State
Abdullahi Bashir haske Ganye Chiefdom Adamawa State

Abdullahi Bashir haske Ganye Chiefdom Adamawa State


Abdullahi Bashir haske (ciroma) Ganye Chiefdom Adamawa State, the greatness of birth is not in being blue blooded, but being able to survive despite all the odds.
Success is not judged only by what has been achieved but also by obstacle surmounted to achieve it.

That is Chiroman Ganye in true perspective, always one to engender innovations, a tireless activist, a philanthropist, a committed patriot, a business tycoon, and an inspiration to his compatriots, a delight to his elders and associates, a role model for modern Ganye chiefdom.

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Born in the humble and yet industrious family of Bashir Kaske over three decades ago, the young Abdulahi Bashir defiled all odds to carve a nitch for himself in the economic and social life of, not just his family, but his entire community. He remains a formidable force of hope to
reckon with in the world of humanitarian’s. Ganye Chiefdom must consider itself pretty lucky to have produced such a generous young gentle man.

He has being enlisted among the young famous men in the country with great business acumen Similarly, the real level of the progress and success by any individual is not so much his personal acquisitions of material or wealth but rather of how worthwhile he has contributed to his people and from all ramifications someone may decide to view it. His humanitarian gesture among Muslim and Christian has being the source of inspiration to all and sundry.

He is quite a distinctive generous young man with an enthralling and captivating personality.Abdullahi Bashir haske (ciroma) GANYE) who has kept pace with his people.
He is one of the consistent patriotic young benevolence in Ganye Chiefdom who cannot be isolated from his people. Chiroman Ganye. Endowed with humility and self-confidence; People of Ganye Chiefdom has a great potential in this great young business tycoon lifestyle with unwavering commitment to national development.

These are the qualities that made him, elevated and rewarded throughout his business life. Abdullahi Bashir haske (ciroma) is indeed caught in the web of the Shakespearean assertion which said that some people are born great; others achieve greatness while others have greatness thrust on them.

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