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Painful Goodbye

Painful Goodbye, On the morning of that fateful day Tony left, Nancy woke up feeling nauseous and tired, but had to go to work anyways because there was an important meeting she had to attend to at the office. Tony and Nancy have been married for five years without a child. It bothered them greatly, […]

The Evil Men Do

THE EVIL MEN DO, The world moves in a very fine circular motion. What one does today in the human race, would surely meet him or her some other day. Those you meet on their path, would be the same you meet on your path. Read Also: Had I Known Is Always At Last The power […]

My Bitter Merry

My Bitter Merry It was about a week to the celebration of my birthday when I had graduated from the University with a first class. I brought happiness to my family, so daddy and mommy also decided to organize a party for me. I felt so proud of myself for the glory given to me […]

Heartbreaking Essays about Friendship

I have seen a lot of heartbreaking essays about friendship lately that we should lower our expectations for deep and reciprocal connection with people who are not partners, that having friend of ten years ghost on you is natural and friendships shouldn’t be expected to last. I vehemently disagree with these views. Friendship is powerful […]