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Back To Sender

TITLE: Back To Sender A king had two wives and they all lived together with their husband in a very big compound house(as a palace). Among the two wives, the elderly one was four-eyed(possessed witchcraft) while the younger one was two-eyed(possessed no witchcraft).   TITLE: Back To Sender All the two queens gave birth to […]

Ritual Wealth

Mohammed Awal was a man who hailed from a very poor family and who lacked patience to wait for his God’s given wealth, but attended to a certain fetish priest who ordered that his mother’s blood should be used for the ritual sacrifice. Mohammed Awal upon hearing that never felt relaxed, but went ahead to […]

Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy

It was a Saturday morning. Akua liked her buddy, Shaddy. So, she thought she would surprise him with a little present. “Shaddy will love this,” thought Akua. Akua skipped over to Shaddy’s house. She rang the bell. No one answered. “Shaddy!!” Akua called. There was still no answer. “That’s funny,” “thought Akua. I wonder where […]

I May Be Yours

I MAY BE YOURS, Many times people use to handle their own children well and maltreat others’. It goes far to a point in time where they are hated because of the unique characters they portray. Angel, a 21 year old lady  had lived with the family of Mr. Graham since she was born. She […]

The Tear of a Woman

MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! THE TEAR OF A WOMAN, Mama is the best name to be given or called upon as a woman. In most African homes, Mama is the name used to address a woman of value, power, love and care. The original meaning of “Mama” is mother. A mother is a woman with capabilities […]

The need to Glow to Grow

The need to Glow to Grow, Each and every being on earth has his or her own separate abilities. The abilities given Mr. A will definitely differ from that of Mr. B. To be able to build a firm foundation to attain success, you need to discover what you are best in doing, work on […]