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pre packed food under Covid restrictions

pre packed food under Covid restrictions🙏🏿 and a breakfast setup There is a lot of joy to be found in reflecting upon your experiences as you work towards your dreams. Learn to laugh at your failures, smile at your wins and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. #deessoulfulsomething 0714014821 📞☎️🎲🎲🙏🏿

PACU FISH with human like teeth

A PACU FISH (pronounced PA-KU in Portuguese), with human like teeth is causing anguish amongst fishermen in a village around Mañaus, Brazil. . Pacu, a fresh water fish found in the south Pacific & South America enjoy a diet of nuts that falls from trees around its spawning ground. Sometimes they will leap out of […]

EndSARS protests to the lack of empathy

Dear Friends, A lot has happened in Nigeria that may have made us wary and feel hopeless as young people.   From the shooting and killings during the last EndSARS protests to the lack of empathy in the President’s speech, the curfews, uncertainties and every other thing that has made us question our existence, start […]

List of Markets in Lagos 2020

List of Markets in Lagos 2020. Markets in Lagos offer a broad and diverse range of new, second-hand goods, products and merchandise for consumers with Millions of products. The List of Markets in Lagos 2020 are top selected market with rich history, best price for wholesale and retails, across Lagos, Nigeria.   Notable markets in […]

Meal Ideas and Resources 2020

Meal Ideas and Resources 2020 Here are some useful tools and food ideas that don’t break the rules. Also, it’s good to realize while you’re serving “actual food” that you don’t need to consume as often as you’d have processed food! Get ready to fill up quickly. Processed foods recipes Breakfast cereals Cheese Tinned vegetables […]

​Ramadan Fasting how to stay Healthy

​Ramadan Fasting how to stay Healthy 1. Don’t miss Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) As the saying goes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And it becomes even more relevant during Ramadan! Although skipping Suhoor to have uninterrupted sleep can sound appealing, you’re not supposed to. Skipping Suhoor prolongs the fasting time, as your […]


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Africa serves as a home to over 1.216 billion people, yet it’s difficult for these 53 countries to communicate with each other due to 1250–3000 numerous languages present per country. Business and organisation face this same challenge as they look to expand to Africa.

However, the Hausa language serves as a language for communication across West Africa which spans among other countries with over 170 million speakers.

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