Home News Can you take your business back from the world’s deadly Pandemic?
Can you take your business back from the world’s deadly Pandemic?

Can you take your business back from the world’s deadly Pandemic?


May I kindly greet all business-owner on the planet. You are such a wonderful  group of people still sitting at the helms affairs in your companies, for which, I continued to remember what I ‘ve said before about business owners in 2018.  Thank God for that.

In 2020, COVID-19 suddenly broke out across the entire world, causing havoc and deaths. But I have just then piece together everything I had done over the last few years before now for ungrateful local companies here in Ghana.

In this article, I want to advice business-owners that the new post-COVID landscape, will require business capos to do several new things. In view of this I would like to honestly urge readers to take back what they lost to the pandemic, and so, therefore, regain their positions as persons in charge of the success of their business. First of all, you will need to create an Annual Strategic Plan, by which you will approach every new year  with a crispy, reflective, rationally formulated  approach that will help you measure up to the surprises which COVID-19 imposed on our business plans this year; historically it needs be the same situation in 2021 and beyond.

It happened at a time many business owners don’t or did not plan for it – and as a consequence, the  business world had to struggle and had since been struggling only with a  welcomed series of stimulus intervention packages by governments and visionary leaders like President Akuffo-Addo of Ghana . When the COVID-19, broke out (sorry it is still ongoing) it came with its powerful destructive business challenges  and ruthless economic difficulties and deaths to and in functional companies and nation-states. But you can observe that, those who have had in place or had created a thoughtful strategic plans of attack  on, somewhat,  irregular basis were hit, nonetheless, but weren’t destroyed completely.

Statistic has shown that they’ve survived to some extent.

In one of my previous article on this network, I copiously explained  and suggestively strongly advocated on why those of us in the less-developed countries need to embrace creativity and innovativeness. I explained in that article  that, in fact, one of the strong predictors of growth in both the developed and the  developing or ‘under-developed’ companies, is  a proper and effective annual strategic planning by their business owners.

So far, received wisdom, indicated that the Pandemic has also changed the market place and had similarly redesigned the way we do business; it is consequently crystal clear that the planning process is a must for us all. Question is, have we learnt anything from the outbreak of this pandemic, and  that are we doing all we need to do right now as we continue to battle it out with the deadly disease? I think we have.


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What we may  be conscious and careful about is we don’t  have to, essentially, let next year simply be a repeat of 2020. Therefore, it is technically and absolutely imperative for every business-owner(s) to capitalize on its effective business structure, operation, and even on its relative soft powers if any and techniques including its tactical approaches to craft a formidable counter plans of counter attack in the event that the unforeseen strikes unknowingly.

In my view, when business owners, formulate effective annual strategic plans we will surely reap great rewards not just in immediate year ahead i.e. 2021, but beyond that. Hence it has invariably been  my call and advocacy for creativity and inventiveness is in the right direction, please. So, if you are heading a company that is in a state of sometimes feeling unfocussed you must re-evaluate or rethink your business strategy. Second to that, you ought to be aware that the future of business always lacks clarity which requires us to appropriately guess into the future, and that you could only do so correctly with an annual strategic business plan. Such a plan is paramount for companies and states alike.

Indeed, just as we have collectively understood it to be this 2020, there would be the need, in the future,  for timing and planning the future successes of our business to forestall any unforeseen economic distractions destructions in the future. All what COVID-19 has and is teaching us have to be invaluable experiences for mankind so don’t deviate from the preventive protocols because it is apparent the disease is not leaving us anytime soon. Be safe.


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