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Can you kiss during Ramadan?

Can you kiss during Ramadan?


Can you kiss during Ramadan? Kissing non-mahram men, huh? Not all right during Ramadan or any other time of year. Kissing your children, your parents, your friends, always all right even during Ramadan. Kissing your friend, man. Perfectly good during Ramadan when you’re not fasting (after maghrib and before fajr) but there’s a difference of opinion during the day when you’re fasting.

Some authors note that it is appropriate if a person does not sexually “move” a child. So, for example, kissing your husband’s goodbye on your way out of the house, a quick goodbye, etc. This is doubtful that either party would be aroused and sexually driven.Especially as these usually become habits for the rest of the year, and little or no consideration is given to these acts.


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According to the scholars, this kind of kiss is allowed as long as nobody feels affected by it. Quick embraces, deep sensual kisses, French kisses, etc. One group is likely to switch to sexual thoughts and desires. Therefore, these forms should still be avoided during Ramadan.

You can only kiss during Ramadan fasts, but after you’ve broken the fast before the next Azumin, you can be like any husband or wife without any prohibitions. Sexual practices are forbidden only during fasting and there is no block until you break the fast for the day and before the next veryi fasting begins. You definitely need to purify yourself before you get to the next one quickly as well.

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