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Calm down by Rema song new album

Calm down by Rema song new album


Already a pop star in his own right, Rema is set to unleash chaos on the world with his album which will reinforce why the hype surrounding him is whole heartily deserved and to water our mouth ahead of the drop, comes readily handy single by the crooner titled, Calm Down.

Calm down by Rema song new album

Multidimensional, supernatural, otherworldly are synonymous with Rema and all eyes are on him for what’s to come. The album countdown has well and truly commenced.

Rema’s Rave & Roses is surely one of the most anticipated albums of 2022.

After a couple of years establishing his dominance as one of the country’s most high-profile artists, he lays the groundwork for his debut album with the Andre Vibes and London-produced Calm Down,

Calm Down, according to Culturecustodian, is based on the thrill of finding love, the chase of a love interest whilst also addressing the flip side of unreciprocated feelings and disappointment at the beginning of it.
Speaking on the inspiration behind the song.

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