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Kitom (Brown Stone Album) 2020

Kitom (Brown Stone Album) 2020


Kitom (Brown Stone Album) 2020 1

Kitom (Brown Stone Album) 2020
Finally the secret is out, the upcoming album by Brown Stone GH is called “KITOM” , it’s where his music carreer all started as a child.

He was born in Kitom a town in Chamba, where his great great ancestry came from and according to him, is a away of honouring his sucesss today back to his birth place, so he pointed a finger towards home (Kitom) in a way of sending a massive greetings to all the people in Kitom and Chamba for their love and support through the years.

He promise to drop a track from the KITOM album every week from now til September. We should expect hit upon hit tracks as he said.

On the album ,gospels songs, love songs ,also talking about people and their living etc.

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