Home News BoG removes MoMo charges below ¢100.00 due to Coronavirus
BoG removes MoMo charges below ¢100.00 due to Coronavirus

BoG removes MoMo charges below ¢100.00 due to Coronavirus


Due to the outbreak ot the Coronavirus, the bank of Ghana has also maid some movements to prevent people from contracting the coronavirus, The bank has announced that as from Friday ,march 20, 2020,the policy affects to money transfers to people on the same network, in which cash out will not be included.

All Mobile network operators together with the Bank of Ghana has agreed to make more good transaction and bring about digital ways of payment for the next three months.

But the everyday transaction limits for users will go up.

The BoG removes MoMo charges took this decision so as to prevent the spread of the Conoravirus, saving time and movement for subscribers and customers from been affected by the pandemic.

Making time to be with family the government also announce the total shutdown of all government institution for the next one month until further notice.

The international communities is also responding the same ways Ghana and other African countries are doing as at now.

The fear of using physically cash for doing business remain at high risk for the society. it was only 10 years ago when MTN one of the leading  telecommunication Company launched it platform.

Ghanaian are still relax since the President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo gave a state of the Nation Address where he assured Ghanaians of government readiness  to contain the Coronavirus in case of any major outbreak. Notice the BoG removes MoMo charges.

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The pandemic has also been nicknamed convid-19, The virus has been very dangerous that, it has been able to affect our Religious Practices.

A lot of things have been happening since this pandemic started, in Ghana for instance gathering of people at public places have been banned and this has totally affected the Islamic and other religious groups.

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