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Best prank numbers to call

Best prank numbers to call


Best prank numbers to call, Where do you acquire these strange phone numbers, and how do you call them? In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the best phone numbers to call whenever you’re bored. On the other end of the line, you’ll hear everything from funny short stories to bizarre voicemails.

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Best prank numbers to call

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Best prank numbers to call

Here are some amusing phone numbers to dial.

1-603-413-4124 (toll-free):

Getting in Touch With Santa Have you ever considered contacting Santa months before the holiday season? This line, on the other hand, permits you to speak with the man in charge of determining who receives what for Christmas.

One can call Santa by phoning 1-603-413-4124. Obviously, the phone number has nothing to do with Santa, but passing it on as a joke is the best way to ensure they don’t approach you again. This is also one of the best phone numbers to call with your buddies as a joke. Make one of your friends believe you have their crush’s phone number and have them call Santa instead.

  • prank numbers to call 2020

Harry Potter can be reached at 605-475-6961

This is for fans of the Harry Potter universe. Dial this number if you want to be admitted to the legendary Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The admissions office appears to be located in South Dakota based on the first digits of the contact, but hey, where does it matter now? The person on the other end of the line will provide you with directions to the iconic platform 934, as well as your entrance information.

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Beautiful phrases (858) 651-5050

It doesn’t get any weirder than this when it comes to finding random phone numbers to call. You can listen to what sounds like the most well-thought-out poetry ever written by dialing this number.

Numerous phrases are said by female and male speakers, all of whom sound astonishingly perfect. The beauty of the phrases rests in the flow of words rather than their meanings. The sentences are known as ‘Harvard Sentences,’ and they were first introduced by the IEEE in 1969. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). When it came time to evaluate various sorts of noise for military communications during the war, the institute proposed these words for voice quality evaluation.

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Things may be a lot worse if you call 605-475-6964

This is one of the best phone numbers to dial as a joke.

Do you believe you’ve had a poor day? You can take comfort in the fact that things could be a lot worse. Call the ‘It Could Always Be More’ hotline, which will brighten your day (or possibly make it worse?) by informing you how much more there could be.

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The hotline for reporting bad breath is 605-475-6959

Have you ever met someone who appears to be an ideal partner at first appearance but emits an astonishing odor as soon as they open their mouth and begin speaking? While being disrespectful is never a good idea, providing them prank phone numbers that tell them what you couldn’t is the finest option. They will be routed to the bad breath notification hotline by dialing 605-475-6959. While this person was unable to secure a second date with you, that wake-up call may be the catalyst for a life-changing shift.

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(914) 737-9938: Laugh-out-loud announcement practice

This phone number in Westchester County, New York is worth calling just for the humorous message that states “This is a CPTA announcement practice run. I’m not sure what it’s trying to say, and I’m not too bothered about it. So, if anyone receives this, just ignore it and hang up.”

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605-475-6958: How do you know whether you’re sober?

Are you having trouble determining if you’re drunk or sober? (That should be enough of a hint.) You are welcome to call the Sobriety Test helpline for assistance. This seemingly random phone number will direct you to a series of extremely scientific questions that will help you determine your level of sobriety.

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605-475-6973: Stop whining

Do you know someone who is always whining about their upper-class problems? Inconsiderately whining and groaning? Do you know someone who is in severe need of some life perspective? This is one of those numbers created specifically for memes.

The person on the other end of the line makes you appreciate your life by reminding you that others have it far worse. The entire procedure is also extremely amusing, making this one of the most amusing yet functional prank numbers.

You have been rejected call 212-479-7990

You met someone interesting and asked for their phone number, which you received. When you called, however, it was not them on the other end of the line. It was the Rejection Hotline, to be precise. Ouch! This is the message you’ll receive: “Hello there! This isn’t the person you’re looking for. You’ve reached the Hotline for Rejection.” The voice goes on to list all of the possible reasons you were rejected in excruciating detail. How harsh, but ingenious. It all started in Atlanta in 2001, and now there are Rejection Hotline phone numbers in over 30 places. The hotline is also extremely busy! Every month, each city receives approximately 50,000 calls.

The owners of the website claim that it exists as a public service to both rejectors and rejectees. It’s a simple method to get out of an awkward scenario for someone who doesn’t want to reveal their phone number. The person who is rejected is also spared public disgrace.

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1-888-447-5594: Epic speech

This is the last prank call number on the list, and it’s a little unusual. These numbers are an Easter Egg sentence from the video game God of War’s conclusion. It features an epic speech by the game’s developer, as well as cameos from other characters. When you’re bored or stuck somewhere, the above list of amusing phone numbers will certainly brighten your day. While a handful are slightly useful, the most appear to have been designed solely for the sake of amusement.

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Good prank numbers to call

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