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Our mission is to accelerate life science for the benefit of humanity

  • Benchling is powering the biotechnology revolution

    Biotechnology is transforming every aspect of our lives – from the drugs we take, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear. To make these innovations a reality, life science organizations need better-engineered processes, greater predictability, and greater scalability. Benchling is making this possible by enabling rapid, iterative development, empowering faster and smarter decision-making, and accelerating the move to labless companies – for the benefit of us all.
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  • Science has evolved. Software hasn’t.

    Legacy software was built according to outdated, inaccurate notions of how scientists and R&D organizations work. Benchling was founded on the belief that scientists’ tools should reflect the way scientists actually work. Since day one, we’ve developed Benchling in close coordination with researchers and R&D organizations across a wide range of scientific modalities. This means that no matter your science, Benchling will work the way that you do.
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  • Building a community of groundbreaking scientists

    We’re privileged to be able to bring together some of the world’s most forward-thinking R&D leaders. Through our series of Benchtalk forums, we regularly bring together hundreds of R&D executives throughout the world to discuss how they’re accelerating R&D in an age of digital transformation. And through the Benchling blog, we showcase the work and stories of pioneering scientists throughout industry and academia.

Benchling Sample Tracking A digital window into your physical lab.

Track the locations of vials, wells, batches, and more – and automatically link results to them.

Lab inventory management software natively unified with your life science cloud
Optimize space usage and never lose track of a sample again.

Benchling offers custom inventory structures, barcode integration, and location tracking so you don’t have to spend time hunting for samples.
Sample management software
Connect physical samples to their experimental context

Interconnect your samples, experimental results, and metadata to identify promising candidates. Submit assay requests directly from input samples.

Automate location tracking to ensure data integrity

By integrating with instruments such as plate readers and barcode scanners, Benchling automatically keeps samples up to date.

Sample tracking

Benchling Guide RNA design

Track the locations of your samples in custom containers
Configure custom storage types and locations (ex. “Box” data type; “Site” data type)
Configure custom storage box dimensions
Track locations for containers and samples within containers.

Sample label printing and barcode scanning

Label printing and barcode scanning

  • Zebra printer integration for one-click printing from Benchling
  • Barcode scanner integration pulls up any sample’s full experimental history
  • Automatic barcode generation according to business rules
  • Add information from the Registry to printed labels

Sample management software integration

Develop integrations for automated data entry

  • Plate readers and FACS machines
  • qPCR machines, DNA sequencing machines, and Bioreactors
  • Materials testing machines, such as DMA machines, Zwick machines, and light microscopes
  • Barcode scanners and printers
Linked sample tracking inventory

Link your Inventory to upstream entities in the Registry

  • From an entity in the Registry, see all the downstream samples and results that were produced. For example, see all the results produced by antibody candidates with a particular variable chain
  • From an entity in the Registry, see the locations of all the downstream samples that it produced. For example, see all the locations of a particular cell line

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