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Barriers to innovation that we definitely need to work

Barriers to innovation that we definitely need to work


In the present circumstances, a good deal of challenges confront business owners, all of which calls forth innovativeness, but I would like us to start our discussion with a unique question: “have you heard a friend or a relative made fun of business owners, corporate bosses, or even their authorized  management teams saying and mocking them that because the bosses are doing something unpleasant and stupid as owners of the business?”

I hope you had heard such derogatory questions and concerns before, and when you ask such uncooperative and supportive individuals: why wont they propose alternative solutions to the bosses, the answers you are likely to get will mostly be the bosses wouldn’t   listen to them or that ‘they don’t care about what I think,’ etc.

In my opinion theses barriers have widened up into gulfs between employers and their employees into what I call ‘learned helplessness’ as is happening in several entities, today, where employees learn over the years the there is no need for them to think or even dream of creating or exchanging ideas for the good of the firm and these have culturally become the exemplifiers of business cultures in some countries.

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If we aspire to innovate we must exterminate these critical developmental challenges. It is, therefore, important to create invaluable set of cultural changes that will last with the firm for long, but you must be robustly clever and creative. that is business owners need to transform their thinking into (intelligent and innovative) personas to uncover the draggers I had just talked about in the paragraph above.

In fact, these draggers exist in every work environment and you can imagine  how much space is still left for continuous corporate improvements as we deeply contemplate what do to with the need for us to go for creativity, innovation, and inventiveness. Yes, there are a lot more. These attitudes are not business ‘killers’, they are also stonewall barriers to success and innovation. Therefore, it is important you are aware of these barriers as you are in the lead.

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Thus, there is no opportunity to become creative if there is no space for ‘bottom-up” ideas. I will explain later. We may also appreciate why innovators don’t dare to open up. The do not do so because of political reasons, fear, laziness, inability to embrace technologies and technological prescriptions regarding creativity and creative destructions.

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