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Barcelona team players return for training

Barcelona team players return for training


Barcelona team players return for training
Due to the outbreak of the deadly disease coronavirus since 2019 December till date , this has avoided many social gatherings in the world. Religious gatherings, school, and sports activities as well and many more.

This has been a great negative effect for people, so all the sporting activities in football, basketball, athletics etc. were all stopped to protect and save lives of the rapid outbreak.

On account of the outbreak, some football players and managers were tested positive of the disease. This made the sports Association , FIFA, GFA, UEFA, IAAF etc. made it clear to stop all sports activities, although players were not pleased with the idea but they have to because its a must.

But the players were given a training assignments to do in their various homes, this means that they were to train in their various home so as to be fit during the disease.

In some cases, the Barcelona players have resume their training to be well fit to continue the premiere league matches. On Wednesday, 6 May, the players went to their club facilities to check whether they are positive or negative of the disease before the resuming of the training session.

All players were allowed to train individually with gap between them, they were divided into three different pitchs for them to train and also to adhere to the social distancing that has been required to .On Saturday, 9 May they will continue with their training .

They were ordered to go in their training kits from their various home ,after training immediately they should go home no entering into the changing room. After they will subjected to go for a medical test.

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