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Market Cycle is located at Takoradi in the Eastern part of Ghana

Market cycle is located at Takoradi in the Eastern part of Ghana. It’s a place for shopping of foodstuffs and many more. The reason why is called market cycle is that, it’s in a circular form. Students of Takoradi Technical University goes there to shop and have a look at the surroundings. Things are very […]

Valentine Day

Valentine Day According to J.C. Cooper, Val’s day is also called ” the feast of saint” . It is celebrated annually on February 14 Valentine Day, to significant culture and religious celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world. During this celebration, sending of greetings card gifts, dating, church services are […]

The Faith I got

THE FAITH I GOT According to the Bible, it states that “without faith, you cannot do anything”. There lived a town called Asempan’aye, which was not ruled by any king or queen. It was located nearer to a sea and a lagoon. And there were no light and facilities in the village, but they were […]