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The youth and fashion

The youth and fashion unlike the older generations have been fashion arrested instead of being hardworking to meet their necessities. Which has gone a long way to promote indiscipline among them and which tarnishes the image of the society and finally spells the doom of the society. In the Ghanaian society for instance, the youths […]

Had I Known Is Always At Last

Had I Known Is Always At Last. There lived a girl called Jamila who hailed from a certain community called Bimbila in the northern region of Ghana. Jamila was well determined and her dream was to become a medical doctor and as a result she worked hard to attain distinction in her BECE and was […]

Destiny Is Not Rushed For!

Destiny Is Not Rushed For! There lived a man called Katari with his wife with their dog and two children, a boy and a girl in a village called sang. Katari was a very hardworking, patient and a honest farmer who farms on a very vast plot of land and grew a variety of crops,such […]

Who should be made the Queen!

Who should be made the Queen, There lived a king in a certain village called sakpaba in the mamprugu moaduri district in the north east region of ghana who had a very beautiful daughter, infact the most beautiful girl in the entire community. One day, the king invited all the young men in the community […]

The Girl who cherished an IPhone

The Girl who cherished an IPhone, there lived a girl called Hidaya in Walewale town who never dated a poor guy with her reason being that, a poor guy can not afford an iPhone, but was always found flirting with guys whether known or unknown, who seemed to be wealthy without tracing the route to […]