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A Myth is Broken, Charisma mustn’t be the only quality for excellence in leadership

Over the past two decades or so, a lot of things have changed and are still changing in the business and management worlds. New definitions and styles of leadership seems to be evolving with these changes. Familiar finance and growth strategies have also changed. Public Health challenges have also seriously dented the leadership front as […]

Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease

Ghanaians Refuse to be Divided in the Fight against the COVID-19 disease. We are  presently going through tough times Ghana, but with the President of the Republic, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and the key frontline staff at the helm of affairs, there is some  lights blinking at the end of the tunnel. Indeed […]

The case for hiring Bookkeepers to ameliorate the financial distortions of COVID19 (1)

In an economy stricken by the COVID19, pandemic, more of its damages to human lives and properties as caused by its deadly impacts would be  clearly seen,  in arithmetical terms, after its waves die down, sooner or later. This virus is, indeed, an unseen enemy of mankind which we (homo sapiens) have never witnessed before, […]

Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever myopic, in light of COVID-19

Ghanaians can’t afford to remain forever myopic, in light of COVID-19 These present days are officially, no ordinary times. We are at war, at war with an unseen deadly enemy, Coronavirus or COVID-19. As a result, we are frightfully  living through very uncertain times, but there is a glimmer of hope for mankind. We are […]

Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?

Pensioners in Ghana are suffering untold hardships. Why is it so? It is so, because, the systems of providing financial security for the old are under increasing strain throughout the world, and some of us want to admit that the past few years, actually brought us a few regular warnings about grave problems lying around […]

Ghanaians new things are Frequently happening around us

War in Syria’s Idlib, with its people from most of these war zones in that part of the world, fleeing from the war usually fatefully come face to face with the neighboring Turkish border walls. War in Yemen, war in Israel after Israeli soldiers shot dead one Hizbolla fighter, but in the melee of events […]

Church Leaders Fex Their Business Muscles II

Does businesses need spiritual leaders today? The answer is definitely a big yes. Those who managed old style capitalist systems, with their sterile assumptions about human nature and ‘narrow’ reliance on mechanistic philosophies, cannot lead us through the human and the global challenges facing societies and business organizations today. We need new kinds of leaders. […]

Church Leaders Flex their Business Muscles

Church Leaders Flex their Business Muscles, Religion and business often seem worlds apart, each operating under a separate set of principles that have little to do with the interests of the other. As Churches become more global in scope and global networks, underscores their world-spanning effects, the results of their radical disintegration are approaching a […]

Medeama held Kotoko to a goalless draw

One of Ghana’s most glamorous football clubs played their hearts out last weekend, but couldn’t win the three points at stake. The match with porcupine warriors dominating proceedings and making several dangerous in roads in to their opponents’ goal area with singular determination to carry the day. But all were to no avail. Unsurprisingly, their […]