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John Horsoo

Ghana calls again on African Union Members to show commitment

Africa’s continental economic integration was given quite a big boost on the 17th of August, 2020 in Accra, Ghana  just like Pan Africanism 57 years ago. This appeal was made  in Accra, when the Secretariat of  African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was commissioned and handed over, by President Akuffo-Addo of  Ghana. During  his address […]

Ghana’s failed banks may had worked with weak business strategies

A few years ago, many Ghanaians were apparently unaware that most of Ghanaian banking institutions are not doing well and that they were not  even fully complying with all of the Central Bank’s Rules and Regulations. But I never knew they (especially those indigenous banks, micro-finance savings and loan schemes) are merely misleading the ‘Boards […]

Barriers to innovation that we definitely need to work

In the present circumstances, a good deal of challenges confront business owners, all of which calls forth innovativeness, but I would like us to start our discussion with a unique question: “have you heard a friend or a relative made fun of business owners, corporate bosses, or even their authorized  management teams saying and mocking […]

We need to embrace creativity and innovation in Ghana

It is  apparently obvious that these days we are living our lives in a disruptive era, where we are in the ‘get-up -and go modes  where innovative entrepreneurs are presently the most recognized building blocks of business progression and growth because they are creative. Added to that there is therefore  the emergence of business tycoons […]

Hard work hurts no one and does not kill anyone either

In life, we have come to the realization that reality is fundamentally beyond dreams. This is true, to build a character we need more than wishful thoughts. We need will power – we need to be hard working i.e. we mustn’t be lazy persons. As a result, we cannot therefore dodge the reality that a […]

Is it true that dreams can reveal realities in life?

Today, I would like to introduce readers to one of the facts of life occurrences  that dreams are ‘series of thoughts , images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.’ Dreams are divine revelations of the unknown. That is why  dreams are in other words considered to be the spiritual reflexes of real-life […]

The willingness to get out of one’s free zone

A few years ago, I  trained students of organizational development, leadership,  entrepreneurship, respectively. I realized during the period that, the willingness to get out of one’s comfort zone, and learn continuously as a way of adapting to changed surroundings or environments, marks a key difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders and business owners alike. Luckily, […]

The bird in a nest’s eye views of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has succeeded ruefully in its waves to continue infecting several more people and killing a lot more of human beings in both the rich and poor countries across the world. Dared to ask a question that where world’s scientists and her brilliant medical doctors? Amazingly they are all there at posts, […]

No point to debate the reality, let’s work with it (Part2)

In this era of this specified public health challenges of COVID-19, accompanied by its global economic disruptions and scary financial instabilities as is being caused by the deadly pandemic, we need to come to terms with it in Ghana and other less developed countries, through the total removal or the alteration of our cultural and […]

No point to debate the reality, lets work with it

No point to debate the reality, lets work with it A few weeks ago, I opined, in one of my articles, that new things are regularly and randomly happening around us in Ghana and around the world too at large. I said randomly, because some of these occurrences on the planet  are unplanned and are […]