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I am a Samuel Boakye by name. I love to write anytime i’m Less busy. I write contents, quotes, short stories and wise sayings. It is my dream to reach out to the world. Writing is my hobby and I do it with passion.


MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! Mama is the best name to be given or called upon as a woman. In most African homes, Mama is the name used to address a woman of value, power, love and care. The original meaning of “Mama” is mother. A mother is a woman with capabilities of withstanding hardship, trauma and […]


The world moves in a very fine circular motion. What one does today in the human race, would surely meet him or her some other day. Those you meet on their path, would be the same you meet on your path. The power to choose where to belong lies in your hands, but that doesn’t […]

The need to Glow to Grow

Each and every being on earth has his or her own separate abilities. The abilities given Mr.A will definitely differ from that of Mr.B. To be able to build a firm foundation to attain success, you need to discover what you are best in doing, work on it, find some advices from esteemed people in […]