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Brown Stone GH – Dendassa [ Drops on 31st August, 2021 ]

The Global Chamba Ambassador popularly known as Brown Stone GH has took it to social media few days back that, he is dropping a new single on Tuesday. Its entitled De’ndassa meaning “Thats how it is” He again said, the song tells a true life experience that he had to go through during his music […]

Brown Stone GH Someone

Download Brown Stone GH Someone Another hot reggae blues from Brown Stone GH , he calls this one “SOMEONE ” making his fans thinking who is that lucky SOMEONE. Brown Stone GH Someone According to him, is a true life story that he try picking up and putting it in words to express a feeling […]

Brown Stone to perform in Lome

Brown Stone to perform in Lome. The Ghanaian afro Dancehall artiste Brown Stone GH was invited to Togo ones again by the Chief of the capital Lome ” Chief Koumeyi Koudjoferey Nasser ” not for visitation only but to perform for him and his guests on 5th September 2020 along side the minister of education […]

Drugs isn’t life by Brown Stone GH

The sensational musician, entrepreneur and substance misuse worker Brown Stone GH advising today’s youth on ” Music and Drugs “. Today’s youth have been brainwashed in a certain way of believing, as a musician you need to get invovle with drugs inorder to have the energy to perform good on the stage or compose a […]

Brown Stone GH – Oubouyana

As promised , Brown Stone GH has dropped another tune today entitled ” Oubouyana ” from the Kitom Album. This song talks about a child belonging to both parents not just the mother. A times when a child is a disobedient one or does things wrongly , the father turns to blame the mother, to […]

Kitom (Brown Stone Album) 2020

Kitom (Brown Stone Album) 2020 Finally the secret is out, the upcoming album by Brown Stone GH is called “KITOM” , it’s where his music carreer all started as a child. He was born in Kitom a town in Chamba, where his great great ancestry came from and according to him, is a away of […]

Brown Stone GH – Wa Moita Ka Djoniw

Another inspiritional song from Brown Stone GH. he calls this one “Wa Moita Ka Djoniw” in simple “The One Blessed by God”in Chamba dialect. This tune is from his upcoming album which he is yet to reveal it’s name to the public next week. So, before then let’s enjoy this gospel song and together we […]

Chamba’s Finest Brown Stone

When you taking about Chamba or Tchamba Music globally today , this guy Brown Stone GH can’t be ignored or left out. He has contributed massively towards the development of Chamba Music worldwide. He gain the name “Zamani wa Oulengali” which means ” The era of the great singer “. Dropping hits and currently the […]