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Are Hausa Nilotic

Are Hausa Nilotic


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Are Hausa Nilotic

Are Hausa Nilotic ?

Are Hausa Nilotic? The Hausa In the 7th century, the Dalla Hill in Kano was the site of a Hausa community that migrated from Gaya and engaged in iron-working. History can tell the current people of the Hausa Land in Nigeria where original from Israel where we still have the remaining original African tribes in Jerusalem.

Among the people are Hausa Nilotic? relating to the River Nile or to the Nile region of Africa? denoting or belonging to a family of languages spoken in Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Kenya.

Are Hausa Nilotic

most of the African tribe are relatives to one another therefore, the Hausa community are brothers to the Nilotic. LIKELY THE TWO ARE DIFERET BUT MY HAVE COMING TO CONTACT BEFOR 7TH CENTURY.


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