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Are Hausa Mixed?

Are Hausa Mixed?


Are Hausa Mixed? these question have been ask more than 1million times in the past and now you want to know the answer to this FAQs on Hausa.Info click here for all the info about Hausa People culture, Language and Tradition.

Are Hausa Mixed?

The true fact about the issue is yes, Hausa is the land and the people and it language are a lot. The Hausa People and Hausa language have also developed across millions of years. The original Hausa Language most of it is lost.

The Hausa People have mixed with others across Africa given birth to the term “HAUSAWA”. The Hausawa is the word for all the people from Hausa Land and Language. more recently the new term Arewa emerge to better include the Northern Nigerian States.

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To help you answers Are Hausa Mixed? We have to first look at Hausawa the term use for all the Hausa People around the world regardless of where they are and come from. Eg. Hausawan Ghana, Hausawan Niger, Hausawan Sudan and Hausawan Nigeria.

Like Saudi Arabia, Cameron, Ghana Ethiopia and Chad a lot of native people of Hausa land that have married and now citizen of these countries.



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