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Are Hausa Fulani?

Are Hausa Fulani?


Are Hausa Fulani? a lot for people are asking the question many time around the world Are Hausa Fulani. on Hausa.Info where you get all the right information you need about Hausa People, culture and modern tradition from across the world.

Are Hausa Fulani?

The simple answer to the question is “yes” Hausa Fulani is a mix of both Hausa and the Fulani, we have two types of the Hausa people, the traders and the farmers which include the cowboys.

Hausa is the land of Daura, Kano, Sokoto, Zamfara etc… and the people of these land we have tribes. Why are Hausa Fulani because the cowboys from the land travel across the Africa continent carrying across the culture of the Hausa Land and Hausa Language.

Hausa Language Across West Africa

The Hausa languages spread across West Africa, North and central due to trade and business, the Hausa are know for trade and business buying and selling all kinds of fabric, provision and other product like salt, cola nut and fragrance.

Are Hausa and Fulani the same

hausa fulani
hausa fulani

Hausa Fulani Culture

The most beautiful girls in the Hausa Land are the Hausa Fulani with beautiful culture will dress with the native “mayafi” and wearing white slick.

Hausa–Fulani are an ethnolinguistic group of the Sudan (Arabic: السودان), a vast region south of the Sahara, encompassing the Sahel (Arabic: ساحل), they are located primarily in the Northern region of Nigeria. Hausa-Fulani are people of mixed Hausa and Fulani origin, most of whom speak a variant of Hausa as their native language, although about 12 to 15 million speak Fula language.


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