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Are Hausa Arab ?

Are Hausa Arab ?


Are Hausa Arab? the answer to this question will shock you, the true answer will help you during your research to help you better understand Hausa Arab origins. An will answer the true history of are Hausa Arab?.

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Are Hausa Arab?

Today you will learn a new shocking Are Hausa Arab? Where Hausa originated from? you can also read about are Hausa and Fulani the same?.

Firstly, The Hausa are a Chadic ethnic group based primarily in the Sahel and sparse savanna areas … By the early 15th century the Hausa were using a modified Arabic script known as ajami to record their own language; the Hausa compiled .. Hausa people

Hausa has long been written using a modified Arabic alphabet called ajami. Hausa is recognized as an indigenous national language in the constitutions of both Nigeria and Niger. So-called Standard Hausa is based on the pan-dialectal koine of Kano (Nigeria), which is the biggest commercial centre in Hausaland.

are hausa arab

However; Are Hausa Arab the strong Mohammedan influence apparent almost everywhere in the culture of the Hausa-speaking peoples of the Western Sudan extends to their language as well where it takes the form of extensive borrowings from Arabic.1 While the Arabic penetration of the Hausa language is by no means as overwhelming as in Persian or pre-World War I Turkish, it is, nevertheless marked.

Arabic loan-words in Hausa can, for the most part, be assigned to two distinct groups characterized by different phonetic treatment of the Arabic originals.

Most Importantly, These two groups reflect different sources, classical and colloquial Arabic respectively, as well as differences in date and subject matter. The first group, which will be hereafter referred to as group I, is based on spoken colloquial forms and exhibits greater diversity of phonetic treatment.

In conclusion, Are Hausa Arab? Hausa’s are in the Arabian land for long and Islam as made both Arab and Hausa the same now, since the introduction of Islam, both use the same names and borrow language words.


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