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All eyes on Monday night Man-United

All eyes on Monday night Man-United


In this All eyes on Monday night Man-United.

All eyes on Monday night Man-United 1

The most anticipated game for the meantime. I hope we retain the starting lineup so far. Pls don’t start Mata yet. We need all the energy & precision we can get on Monday.

Firstly, Another clean sheet for our boy …the lad is so excellent… Welcome back #dean

Secondly, Good result for us today ta Sheff Utd, hopefully Bournemouth can get something out of the game tomorrow against Leicester.

However, Saints have really turned their season around and beat City in their last home game. We can’t take it for granted, this will be a tough game. Let’s hope our guys carry on with their professionalism and bag the three points.

Thirdly and most importantly, No slacking beat Southampton for us. We united fans have been praying for this opportunity. During the earlier part of the season anytime there was an opportunity to over take this useless Chelsea team then we will screw up. Thank God we are no longer seeing likes of lingard and Andreas in our lines up. Bruno x pogba x Greenwood

In conclusion, When you hear Chelsea has again lost to United,but this time to Sheffield United.